Asus rog coil whine

It can be described as a high frequency electronic buzzing, hissing or squealing or scratching noise. Register a free account to unlock additional features at BleepingComputer. Or should I get a discount on the price?

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Experiments with the CPU voltage can also help here. Afterburner, for asus rog coil whine, also offers an option via RTSS. There is not THE one value. The respective information about the coil whining is very subjective.

Obviously, this is only possible if you have enough space.

How are you reducing coil whine on you're Asus Strix?

Question I have a computer where years ago it worked normally but now it does not open because the processor is not heating up any idea; Started by nikazas Yesterday at AM Replies: I still have it but again with my case closed it's not that noticeable. Instead, they use inductors that are enclosed in small boxes with a dampening material.

If that does not work, try swapping the power supply. Loud whine from laptop. If you disable turbo boost, the noise will be very quiet. This is the basis of TDP. By chance i discovered myself a very simple but effective solution for it, which i want to share with you, when i found this topic, i created an account here in the forum to tell you that the annoying sound disappears when you use the ASUS software GameFirst! Mostly I like asus best for board design and the over engineer coling design.

Downsides, well, pricing is just mad, the fan cabling could have been done a bit nice sleeved or running inside that tubing sleeve, and yep, this card exhibits very noticeable amounts of coil asus rog coil whine.

Coil whine isn't classified as a fault under most product warranties because it's not an actual problem, just something that's annoying that.

This does not mean that other video cards do not experience this problem. Using the site is easy and fun.

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Question GPU coil whine got worse after new psu. Search titles only. Reply to quoted posts Clear.

Fix coil whine: Methods summarized and tested - Hardware-Helden

Question GPU crazy coil whine and stuttering? ASUS unleashed a bit of a devil here. It is perfectly normal and there is no need to worry about damage. I definitely do not want my CPU to be overloaded with such software. At first the coil whine was very noticeable.

Help! Annoying robotic sounds with audio sample, Asus ROG Strix SCAR 2017

Oct 2, 27 1 1, 0. Nowadays, you can find a pair of decent noise cancelling headphones for a reasonable price.

Ergo, enable that silent mode as performance-wise, it is not going to make a difference. Any PC building enthusiast is likely to deal with it at some point.

Coil whine typically isn't something you can do a whole lot about. Its also important to note however that it is % harmless and is not a.

Unless you watercool it, there's almost no point in OCing in my opinion. So when we are trying to locate the source of the sound, these are the first places to look. Forums Hardware Graphics Cards. Need an account?

ASUS Radeon RX XT STRIX OC LC Review - Final words and conclusion

Search titles only. High pitched whining noise. Coil whining is asus rog coil whine when more current passes through the inductor coils, and these are the components that have inductors under a high load. Coil whine is recognizable by its high pitched sound. Similarly, a different PSU might output a slightly different voltage on the rails, causing the coils to vibrate at a different frequency. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Log in Register. The volume of the noise depends on cpu frequency higher frequency the noise is more loud.

It is also possible for coil whine to occur on inductor coils with a bad solder connection to the circuit board, but this is less common. Question Is it possible for a graphics card to develop coil whine after years of use? Latest posts. That said, just because one has it, or doesn't, doesn't mean others will have it, or not.

There are TWO components to the coil whine. One is near the speakers, which makes the obnoxious screechy sound, especially if do things like.

Visit our corporate site. Especially when using an entry-level or mid-range power supply, it might make sense to try a high-quality NT. Even within one model, there are fluctuations because the coils are subject to a certain tolerance and the rest of the components in the system also play a role. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How do you find the msi performing compared to the TUF?

There is no real way to stop coil whine - and your power supply has nothing to do with it.

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There are does 10k gold turn green reports that a so-called burn-in is supposed to improve or even solve the coil whining. Start with listening to the graphics card, then the power supply, then the motherboard. Yes, you'll see Liquid cooling applied on the primar We doubt that very much, so again silent BIOS mode is the preferred choice.

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Top Bottom. It is not always possible to check reviews however, like when you want to buy a brand new product, for example.

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Coil Whine is technically always happening in all appliances, but usually the frequency is too high or too low for us to hear it. V-sync can increase input lag, so if this is something you want to avoid, you might want to look at the next method.

Register now! Basically any electronic device has coil whine, it is just not audible in the majority of cases.

Except that my model has that k – Learn about ASUS - ROG Zephyrus G14 14" noise resembling electronic signal (coil whine?) even at idle.

Community Forum Software by IP. Edited by raggansta, 23 May - AM. Last edited: Jun 7, Coil Whine can be present in any electronic component that has transformers or Inductors. Honestly, I know I paid a lot of money for the laptop but as long this noise doesn't affect performance or the laptop in anyways I don't even care about it, a lot of electronics make similar noises, so I'm cool! Question How bad Is this coil whine? There are several ways you can reduce or stop coil whine.

Depending on the amount of current that passes through, the vibrations can change in amplitude and frequency. First of all, this noise is produced only while using windows not in ubuntu, where I can only use GTX M GPUspecially in the screen that appears when an application needs special permissions.

What Is Coil Whine In Laptop and How To Fix It?

Log in. While you might expect that replacing the component with an identical model will give you the same problem, this is not necessarily the case.

Unfortunately, coil whine is normal, you are either lucky and have a card that doesn't have it or you are unlucky and you have it not that much you can do.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is however to find one in the stores. This effect doesn't impinge on the operation of a unit at all, it's purely production of an undesirable sound. We cannot exclude that there can be successes with it. › watch.

Forums New posts. Some people have found success in dealing with coil whine by changing the default fan speeds of their GPU. I can't find an apples to apples comparison but here is my 2 best time spy scores.

Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Nov 21, Regardless of which component is causing the coil whining, replacing the power supply of the computer has the potential to fix the issue. Question Which driver do I need to install? Search Advanced search….

Mar 25, It is stated that there is Coil Whine when it reaches fps of New posts Trending Search forums. They were made exactly for the PSU. RTX coil whine asus vs. It is a widespread issue that can not be narrowed down to specific models, certain brands or even specific types of components.

FAQ: Coil Whine

Coil whine occurs in numerous electronic components. Question OverClocking monitor strange problem. Change to black. Question Why my second hdd is not detected? Asus GL making a weird coin whine-like sound. Question Laptop repair cost.

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Hope this helps! I do overclock and benchmark, so not being power limit while not breaking warranty is important to me. Aug 26, Fortunately a recent game patch has helped with this particular game. However, the beeping GTX did not show any improvement by swapping the power supply. Since coil noise tends to get worse rather than better over time, you should consider returning the card within the cancellation period immediately after purchase.

What is Coil Whine & How to Fix it

In my case GameFirst dosent start properly, but runs in the background and the noise is gone. The coils are driven more often, the graphics card draws more juice from the can to render the frames. Log in. Coil whine sometimes gets attributed to capacitors and gets called capacitor asus rog coil whine. Tom's Guide is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

Coil Whine is technically always happening in all appliances, but usually the frequency is too high or too low for us to hear it. You can.

If they were damaged and could not let asus rog coil whine through, they would not make any sound at all. The situation can get dangerous when Coil Whine occurs in a low-quality Motherboard or Power Supply Unit with high ripple. My humble opinion is that if a simple software is able to make the noise disappear, ASUS should be able to deploy a patch which is optimizing the power consumption properly and reduce if not eliminate that noise.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. Feb 17, COD is locked to fps in the menu but sounds the same in game locked to same framerate so I am not at some crazy high framerates.

Are Touchscreen Laptops Good? The low Voltage and high Wattage means a strong Electric field Amperage is produced. The foam cushioning of ear pads typically does a good job absorbing high frequencies.

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Coil whine typically isn't something you can do a whole lot about. You able to do a stock Time Spy? Necessary Necessary. › discussions › forum.

You can change fan speeds using RivaTunerMSI Afterburneror the equivalent software of your video card manufacturer. The Fractal Design Define R5 is a good silent mid tower, whereas the be quiet! You have to approach a stable voltage step by step.